Staging Your House to Upstage Other Redding Homes for Sale

Staging is more than just dejunking, cleaning, repairing, and painting. It’s about creating a mood, a setting, and ultimately, a motivation for buyers to buy. There’s a reason why professional stagers exist. It takes skill to turn houses--at least some of them--into inviting works of art that appeal to the many and varied senses of would-be buyers. When you’re putting your house on the market against other houses for sale in Redding, your success may depend on how well it’s staged.


Sometimes it’s about how the furniture is arranged. If you have unwieldy, or huge, pieces of furniture that are taking over a small room or creating an awkward space, reposition them (if you can) to create a more open or balanced feel. If you have small or sparse pieces of furniture, you can group them in vignettes. If you have an important or especially stunning piece of furniture (for example, a baby grand or a king bed), position it to be the focal point of the room, with other things arranged in proximity to it. The goal is to create easy traffic flow, balanced spaces, and the right focal points.


Once you’ve got the furniture positioned for the best presentation of each room, it’s time to turn a keen eye to your accessories. Now that your house is on the market, the goal is not to display your unique decorating style, but to create a pleasing environment that will appeal to the most people. You may need to store some of your most unusual accessories--perhaps the large elephant statue in your entry or the massive Star Wars print in the family room. Pare down the number of decorations and paraphernalia throughout your house and strategically place items to highlight the best features of the house. For instance, perhaps you want to bring attention to the fireplace or a cutesy writing nook to the side of the kitchen.

Some of the best accessories that are universally-loved are fresh flowers, fruit bowls, plants, vases, candles, blankets, pillows, and rugs. Bathrooms should especially be dressed well. There, you can arrange towels, soaps, lotions, and a few well-placed facial cream jars to create a delightful appeal. One real estate agent likes to say that two fluffy white towels in the bathroom add $10,000 to the selling price of the house.

Create Soul

Vacant houses for sale can feel cold and unappealing to buyers. And all the flaws are readily noticeable. If you’ve already vacated your house, you may want to check into furniture rental options or go to a local consignment shop and buy some inexpensive pieces to give your house a more lived-in appeal. You can always resell consignment furniture or even offer it to the buyer.

When you’re trying to upstage other Redding homes for sale, it pays to put some staging techniques to work. It may help you close at a price closer to your original, hoped-for asking price.