How to Buy a New Construction Home in Redding

If you’re like most Americans, you love the excitement of buying a new house. No one else has ever lived in it. Better yet, if it’s still being built, you get to select the countertops, the floors, the cabinets, and possibly much more, depending on the construction arrangement. Whatever the case, when you’re looking at Redding homes in new construction, you’ll need to know these important tips.

Buy the Builder

The right builder can make or break the joy of a new home. Research the reputation of the developer who’s putting up your house. Does he use quality materials and follow codes? Is he licensed and bonded? Does he invest in a team of qualified employees or subcontractors? Does he complete projects on schedule? Ask your real estate agent and other homeowners that have purchased homes from this developer about his track record.

Hire an Inspector

Get your house inspected several times throughout the process--not just when the house is complete. Faulty workmanship is more noticeable when a house is still in the construction phase. For instance, an improperly installed roof, poor wiring, deficient plumbing, and sparse insulation can be seen before the walls and ceilings disguise them. Just because it’s new construction doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Go through the building process with both eyes open.

Count the Cost of Upgrades

The model home you looked at probably included most, if not all, of the upgraded options available to the buyers. Find out what options are included in the base price. Then, do your best to avoid the glazed-over, new-house euphoria and keep an eye on your budget. Can you really afford a full-size spa, granite countertops, and that giant chandelier? Almost every upgrade will add between 5 to 20 percent to your price. Make sure you’ve got the essentials first--enough electrical outlets, a solid heating and air conditioning system, a quality roof, and so on. If you really must have the chandelier, you could ask the builder if he’ll throw in an extra option (i.e. the chandelier) if you buy two other upgrades that you need anyway.

Invest in a Warranty

A new-home warranty can save your life! If you settle into your new home, only to discover that the fireplace is not fully functional or the basement floods every time it rains, you’ll be thankful for that warranty. It’s best to purchase it through an independent insurance company rather than the developer. Make sure it includes coverage for workmanship, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and major structural defects.

New construction in Redding is on the rise. If you’ve decided to become one of the buyers, you can experience a smoother process when you follow these important tips. Your new home is worth it.