Consider These Tips When Shopping New Homes in Redding CA

As soon as you announce that you’re looking at new homes in Redding to purchase, you’ll receive an overwhelming amount of advice - solicited or not. Whether you’re new to the home buying adventure or you’ve done this many times, there are certain truths that will never change.

Location is everything. There are beautiful new homes all over the region, but you need to consider location, not just the house. Location doesn’t just mean a particular city. Location includes your neighborhood, street and next door neighbors. It also includes proximity to shopping, work and places you frequent. You may love a house, but when looking at new homes, consider location first.

Your home has to fit your lifestyle. New homes are enchanting and exciting. You can love everything about a house when you take a tour and take a quick walk through, but consider how your family lives in your current house. Do you enjoy entertaining? Where do you spend the majority of your time? Do you have kids? Do you spend most of your time at home or out and about? Make sure your new home is conducive to your day-to-day lifestyle.

New homes are a viable option. Many people will tell you it’s unreasonable to consider brand new homes during your house hunt. The truth is that a number of developments allow buyers the opportunity to participate in the design of their home and build a space that’s conducive to their long term needs. If the current options in the housing market don’t fit your criteria or you’ve always wanted the opportunity to design your own custom home, ask your realtor to talk to you about construction and development options.

Keep your 5 year plan in mind. Today, your family and lifestyle look a certain way, but that can change down the road. Buying a home is a commitment and your long term goals need to be taken into consideration. Is your family going to grow? Is it possible that your income will change? Are you looking for the home you’ll live in for 25+ years, or is this a stepping stone? Answering these questions can be challenging, but they will help you identify the new home you want and need.

New homes in Redding are waiting to be discovered and by keeping these truths in mind, you’ll find the perfect house for you and your family!